Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blue Marsh Lake (Lake Road Trails - Skinners Loops)

A perfect sunny and 75 weather day at Blue Marsh was equalled by the great and diverse trail system that loops the peninsula.

Heading northwest on SR183, I took the left turn at Old Church Rd which bridges the lake. Less then a mile from SR183, I made a left onto Lake Road. At the end of the no outlet mile drive is a turn around/parking. I believe this is area is called Skinners Loops trail.

Similar to Old Dry Road Farm, an old neglected paved road leads down to the lake. (Maybe a former boat launch or emergency access road). These roads are tree lined and usually obscured from aerial photos.

I knew that I was on a peninsula and that I couldn't get totally lost, but the meandering trails are not clearly named nor trees blazed. I saw a couple obscure trail markers. In retrospect, the basic layout is two adjacent roads that run nearly the length and are occasionally connected by cross paths. All roads and trails connect to the paved artery.

The north road runs along a field and woods and is sun drenched so the sun loving wildflowers were plentiful. As the road transitions into shade and woodlands the flora species changed. The southern road is mainly shaded, but crosses a field too.

Max and I met 4 horse riders and a couple of bikers. The lake was spotted with boats and the shore fishing and swimming.

In summary, it was an enjoyable locale with diverse flora, rolling fields and hills and lake views.

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