Thursday, August 27, 2009

Angelica Park (Pre-Fall)

Thinking that the weekend could be a wash-out, I wanted to get back on a trail. Angelica Park had a fall-like feel due to the mild 70 degree temp and the apparent change in colors.

Many of the wildflowers and thistle are now brown and wilting. There are still the late summer flora species present, but nothing near the saturation of color as in July.

One of the highlights was spotting a giant brown spider, at least a 3" diameter is big by my standards. If you shape your thumb and index finger in the shape of a "C", that is the area the spider would fill. Still to be identified, so if anybody knows the species feel free to comment. My first choice is a wood spider, but I am having a hard time finding a pix and conclusive id on the web, pun intended.

Update: the spider is a fishing spider, per the Bug Guide.

Lighting was waning so I was practicing some macro with flash photography. I prefer natural lighting, but fill flash and pure flash lighting can save or make interesting shots.

My absence from Berks Awhile is due to spending five days in Las Vegas, NV where I accumulated a couple thousand pictures, so I'll share a few brief posts on that experience.


  1. The spider really creeps me out! And to think that was the highlight of your trip....shiver me timbers...LOL! I can't wait to see the Las Vegas pics!

  2. LOL, by highlight, I meant one the best photo subjects I encountered. That shot was taken at full macro zoom or about 6-8 ft.

    Thought I'd have spider nightmares after spending an hour searching Google Images for the spider name.

  3. Great photos. My wife and I frequently ride our hybrid bikes on a 9-mile loop from our home in Shillington. It takes us thru Angelica Park. Last week I near flew over the handle bars as I slammed on the brakes due to something I saw on the ground. We've shown the photos to some people and they've identified it as a Hickory Horned Devil. It was huge, about 6", and brilliant in color. We took photos with our cell phone but haven't figured out how download them yet.

  4. I plugged the name into and was amazed at the pictures. That is the biggest caterpillar I ever saw! Turns into a big Royal Moth which has and orange body and brown wings. Go figure that transformation? Very cool find and thanks for sharing.