Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nolde Forest (Early Summer Morning)

A couple reasons to get out in the mornings are for the fabulous hazy back lighting and it's a bit cooler before the oppressive heat and humidity arrive.

Max and I were some of the first ones at the Saw Mill Parking along SR625. This is the only place to park along SR625 for the main road was gated, as usual in the early AM.

We headed out along the Angelica Creek to the North Pond. Morning reflections were rich on the pond. Nolde is popular with joggers for we saw about a dozen trail runners.

Back-tracking along the creek we walked the paved road then ducked into the woods where a set of stone steps leads up a steep unmarked trail to the mansion.

The mansion is a cool old building with a small garden and pond. An impressive display of stone-work, the old mansion is truly a landmark to be preserved.

Chestnut Tree Trail was the next route for I wanted to visit the Painted Turtle Pond too. The wildflower collection and pond creatures are the draw and did not disappoint.

After about two hours of exploration, we headed out. Probably about 2 miles of trails were covered.

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