Saturday, August 8, 2009

Middle Creek Wildlife Area (Extraordinary Art and Gardens)

The visitor center at the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area has one of the best gardens around. Perfectly choreographed by height and color, it exemplifies how to make a great garden.

Coincidentally, the garden is at it's prime at the same time of year as their Wildlife Art Show affording the visitors a double dose of inspiration.

The talent of the painters is truly apparent. Some of the artists paint so realistically that you need to step up close to the painting to confirm that it's a painting.

The wildflower field just below the visitor center also offered abundant flowers and insect photo subjects. Interesting, in the spring, the field was intentionally burned which seemed to have no negative impact on the flourishing plant life.

The crisp lighting made the colors pop offering endless photo subjects and compositions. Some of the pix in this post are tightly cropped to see the intricate detail of the flowers and insects.

Another must see is the upcoming Wildfowl Show coming up September 19 & 20. Fabulous decoy carvers, painters, duck callers, and hunting vendors will be present.


  1. Mike, you got some nice shots there. I especially like the one with the butterfly and bumble bee tag-teaming that flower!

  2. Thanks John, You would have had fun too. I was wandering why the butterflies and bees seem indifferent to each other, no competition. Aren't they indeed after the same thing, pollen?