Saturday, August 15, 2009

French Creek State Park (Sunrise)

Mornings in the woods are a special time. Knowing that you, and possibly only a few others, are experiencing the same unique sights, sounds, and smells can't help but make you feel privileged. I get the same feeling when I walk the beach at sunrise.

A couple fishermen were the only fans of this morning. A good fog blanketed the area which makes for dramatic lighting when the sun starts to climb.

I really like Scotts Run in the morning for the lake is usually smooth, with mist rising. and a line of diverse colorful boats tied off. Most of the boats were nearly touching the bottom for they has retained gallons of rain water from our wet week.

Max and I briefly walked the shore line, but then headed down the trail along the stream. The woods were lush, green and dripping with dew. The trail was puddled and soft at spots due to all the rain.

For the many times I've taken this trail and detailed the challenges of shooting in the low and contrasty light, I keep trying. Even if no shots come out, I still have the experience of being surrounded by green in a rain forest like setting.

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