Saturday, August 22, 2009

Las Vegas (Neon Museum Boneyard)

Another cool and unique thing to do is take a guided tour of the Neon Museum's "Boneyard". It's the temporary and permanent resting place for discarded lighted and neon signs.

Many iconic signs are being preserved here by the dry desert heat until their turn comes to be restored to their original splendor so they can be put back on display. The plan is to add the signs to the Fremont St collection and also line N. Las Vegas Blvd median.

It was a sunny 104 (sounds like a radio station) when we visited. I'd estimate that two groups of 20 were braving the heat to get a history lesson, take pictures and enjoy the workmanship, design and artistic styles of the colorful old signs.

I wasn't alone in believing that the venue was eye candy and it was a great, stimulating photographic challenge.

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