Saturday, August 29, 2009

Danielle Boone Homestead (Road side)

On the road to the picnic areas, the shoulder was full of macro activity. Daniel Boone Homestead has a new policy to pay to walk the grounds, but the picnic area is still free I believe.

I looked for milkweed plants for they might offer some caterpillar and insect shots. My search paid off with monarch (striped - eats young leaves) and milkweed tussock caterpillars (spiky - eats old leaves). A third caterpillar was found on a tree leaf, not milkweed.

Three distinct butterflies were present too, monarch, black swallowtail, and a red-spotted purple (sunning on gravel). Sadly, they are showing their age with tattered and faded wings.

Still some colorful thistle and wildflowers are present.

As we were about to leave, Max and I heard musket shots, which could only mean target practice at the range.

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